Laughing Gas Pediatric Dentistry: Laugh It Off!

Our team at Smile Crafters can help you to feel more comfortable during your appointments and procedures. If the dentist makes you uncomfortable, anxious, or fearful, it is likely our dental team will suggest putting you on a nitrous oxide stream.

Laughing Gas

What is Laughing Gas?

“Laughing Gas,” is used as a sedative agent in dentistry to help calm and relax patients during dental procedures.

The substance is comprised of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It is colorless and oftentimes odorless. Nitrous oxide is used in dentistry not only for calming patients but also for the management of pain during minor procedures, such as regular cleanings or fillings.

Nitrous oxide sedation, often used in pediatric dentistry, provides a gentle, fast-acting way to ease children’s dental anxieties, ensuring a smooth and fear-free dental experience.

In the world of pediatric dentistry, nitrous oxide stands out as a friendly assistant, offering a calming embrace to young ones facing dental treatments. This mild sedative, known for its soothing effect, turns potentially daunting visits into comfortable adventures for children, fostering positive attitudes towards dental health from an early age.

How is Laughing Gas Administered?

To administer nitrous oxide, our dental team will first place a mask over your face with tubes that are placed into your nostrils. The gas is then slowly released and inhaled as the patient breathes normally from their nose.

The effects of nitrous oxide can vary, but most patients will experience a sensation of light-headedness and tingling in their arms and legs.

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Laughing Gas Administered
Laughing Gas Safe

Is Laughing Gas Safe?

When used in a professional and controlled environment, nitrous oxide is perfectly safe to use. For some patients, the gas may produce greater feelings of anxiety – hence why it should only be used in professional environments where our team will be there to monitor you and listen to your feedback.

Unlike other sedative substances, it is also safe for you to drive after receiving nitrous oxide. The gas wears off after only a few minutes of cutting off the stream.

The patient may also be administered just oxygen for a few minutes to ensure the gas has fully left their system.

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