Air Abrasion: What A Relief!

Do you hate the sound and feel of drills on your teeth when you go to the dentist? At Smile Crafters, we offer air abrasion as a method for removing minor tooth decay so that you can avoid that pre-appointment anxiety!

Air Abrasion

What is Air Abrasion?

Air abrasion uses small particles of aluminum oxide and silica combined with compressed air to remove minor tooth decay in a method known as microabrasion.

Air abrasion can serve many uses, including preparing a tooth before a filling, removing old fillings, or preparing the teeth for application of a dental sealant.

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How Does Air Abrasion Work?

Air abrasion is a safe and relatively simple method for removing tooth decay compared to the traditional method of drilling. By using compressed air to spray the small abrasive particles onto the teeth, air abrasion can avoid the feeling of heat and vibration associated with drills.

It is important to note that air abrasion may not be suitable for every patient. For severe decay and damage, more traditional methods may need to be employed. Air abrasion is best for minor decay and damage and for preparing the tooth for non-invasive procedures, such as shallow fillings.

Air Abrasion Work
Benefits of Air Abrasion

Benefits of Air Abrasion

Many advantages come with choosing air abrasion over traditional drilling, including:

  • Less anxiety-inducing for children and adults who may experience dentist-related stress or phobia
  • Less abrasive than traditional drilling, allowing for more of the healthy tooth tissue to be maintained
  • Reduced risk of chipping or fracturing of the teeth

Additionally, air abrasion can be used to remove minor discolorations and stains before the application of a dental sealant or tooth bonding.

Smile Crafters is always accepting new patients in Clermont and the surrounding areas. To learn more about air abrasion or any of our other services, give our team a call to schedule your appointment today!

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