Dentures: Restoring Your Youthful Smile

Missing or severely damaged teeth can have a majorly negative impact on your life. At Smile Crafters, we provide high-quality dentures to help get your smile and dental health back where you want it.

Full vs. Partial Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic teeth fitted onto a removable plate or frame that can be attached to the gums. When getting dentures, there are two main options to choose between:

Full Dentures: Full dentures require an entire row of teeth to be removed and given time to heal while the denture is being made. This can take several months – typically up to 12 weeks. There are also dentures designed for immediate use that can bypass this healing process for some patients.

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are also prosthetic teeth attached to a plate or frame, but do not require an entire row of teeth to be removed. Instead, partial dentures can be used to replace areas of multiple missing or damaged teeth and help to support the remaining, healthy teeth.

Benefits of Full Dentures

  • Improving the functionality of your mouth and jaw, especially when eating
  • Giving the appearance of natural teeth and restoring the structural integrity of your face
  • Improving speech patterns that may have become disturbed or disrupted due to missing teeth

Benefits of Partial Dentures

With partial dentures, you will experience the same benefits as full dentures with some added advantages:

  • Less invasive since entire rows of teeth do not need to be removed
  • Opportunity to protect remaining teeth from unwanted damage and decay
  • Natural-appearing prosthetic teeth that blend in seamless with your actual teeth

When to Consider Getting Dentures

If you have several missing teeth or damaged teeth in need of removal, dentures are likely preferable over the more invasive implants. Plus, when you are missing many of your teeth, chances are your bone mass and density in your gums and jaw will not have the ability to support implants.

Smile Crafters is always accepting new patients in Clermont and the surrounding areas. To learn more about dentures or any of our other services, give our team a call to schedule your appointment today!

Restore Your Youthful Smile With Dentures

  • Boost your speaking & smiling confidence
  • Restore lost facial volume
  • Eat a wide variety of foods again
  • Avoid excessive wear on any remaining natural teeth
  • Enjoy a customized, natural-looking fit!

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